House Church vs. Organic Church

Those of you who have read my books carefully . . . as well as this blog . . . know that I’m not an advocate of “house church.”

Asking me if I endorse a house church is like asking me if I endorse plants. To which my response is, “what kind of plant are you talking about? I like crape myrtle trees, but I don’t like cactuses or poison ivy.”

House churches are like plants. There are extremely different varieties.

As I’ve often said, a house church is simply a group of Christians who hold their meetings in a home.

That can range from a scaled-down version of the institutional church (very common), to a glorified bible study (even more common), to a once-a-week songfest accompanied by a potluck, to a grade-A, certified cult.

There’s nothing magical about meeting in a home. And a physical house isn’t God’s passion, nor is it mine. Never has been.

In my books, Pagan Christianity and Reimagining Church, I point out that there’s a monumental difference between a house church and an organic expression of the church. Some “house churches” (so-called) are organic. Many others are not. In our 2008 book, George Barna and I make this exact point in Pagan Christianity (p. 240).

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