Please read the following carefully as it will most likely answer one of your questions:

1. We do not connect people via email or through our site who are looking for an organic church nor do we refer people to existing organic churches. We do something else that’s even better.

We host live conferences for connecting people in person and for equipping them to meet under the headship of Christ. Most of the people who attend these conferences are done with the institutional form of church, but they long for Christ-centered community (ekklesia). We also announce new church plants that are being founded and/or equipped. If you fill out this form, you will be notified when a connecting/equipping conference or a new church plant is taking place near you.

If you have already filled out the form and you have not received a notification, it means there hasn’t been a conference or new church plant in your area as of yet.

You may also want to read this article, Stop Looking for an Organic Church!

2. If you would like to see an organic missional church started where you live, we recommend you read the book, Finding Organic ChurchPart 3 of this book gives simple steps on how to get started from scratch. Anyone can put the principles into practice.

3. If you already have a group (of at least 10 committed adults) and the group is in agreement to receive some help and encouragement, fill out this form.

4. If you are new to organic missional church, and you wish to learn more, there are a number of resources we recommend. Click this link and check out all the resources. Most of them are free of charge.

5. If you have read the book Pagan Christianity? by George Barna, please know that this is not a stand-alone book. It is very incomplete. All it does it deconstruct. To read the constructive follow up to the book, go to ReimaginingChurch.org. Go to PaganChristianity.org to see responses to critiques by the authors. We also recommend books by Felicity Dale, Neil Cole, Milt Rodriguez, Jon Zens, Keith Giles, and Robert Fitts.

6. We recommend Frank Viola’s new online course that can be taken ANYWHERE in the world. This is a great for individuals, new organic churches, or existing organic churches.

Click LIVING BY THE INDWELLING LIFE OF CHRIST online discipleship course. Contains 9 practical messages delivered to a new organic church plant, also comes with a workbook.