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The Ministry of Jon Zens

Authoritative Links About Jon Zens Jon Zens on LinkedIn Jon Zens on Twitter Jon Zens and Frank Viola interview Jon Zens on the Silence of Women texts Jon Zens: No Will of My Own Jon Zens: Pagan Christianity Jon Zens on Good Reads Four Tragic Shifts by Jon Zens Jon Zens on WordPress Jon Zens… 

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House Church vs. Organic Church

Those of you who have read my books carefully . . . as well as this blog . . . know that I’m not an advocate of “house church.” Asking me if I endorse a house church is like asking me if I endorse plants. To which my response is, “what kind of plant are… 

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Discipleship Misconceived

“Discipleship” is getting a second round of buzz today. I say second round because the first round began in the United States in the early 1970s. Yet few of the books and discussions in the present discipleship movement take into account the mistakes that were made in the 1970s. So those mistakes are being unwittingly perpetuated today. So what exactly is… 

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